3 Easy Ways to Explore Changing Seasons

One of my favorite parts of the year is when we get to explore changing seasons! All of them are special, but spring is secretly my favorite.

Bring on time to explore, warm nights, and budding trees! To me, spring signals a switch from mainly indoor play to a time of exciting outdoor exploration.

Helping your preschooler enjoy and explore the outdoors doesn’t need to get complicated! Even the most simple activities can help them feel connected to the outdoor spaces you enjoy together.

Here are a few very easy ideas that have been favorites in our house:

1. Nature Walks

We love going for nature walks and have even done some with a theme! Go for a walk, explore the neighborhood, and see if you can collect 10 flowers or 5 objects that are yellow. Incorporating counting activities during play helps children to learn those skills in a real-life context.

2. Dissecting Flowers

This is a FUN experiment! Cut an apple in half and cut a flower in half as well. Compare the two and then talk about how apples develop from flowers.

This is a great way to help little ones develop observation skills and incorporate some science.

If you want to learn more about the life cycles of plants, I have a bundle of life cycle flip book activity packs available here. BONUS: you can learn about multiple life cycles (plants, pumpkins, apples, frogs, and butterflies) so you can use this all year long!

3. Spray the Letter

Write letters using chalk. This could be on a driveway, fence, sidewalk… wherever! Then, give your child a spray bottle filled with water.

Call out a letter and have your child find and spray until that letter disappears!

What Are Your Favorites?

Coming up with fun activities that don’t require printing and encourage play doesn’t have to be hard!

Taking a hike. Having a picnic in the park. Observing changing weather patterns. There are SO many ways you can easily explore the changing seasons, right from your dining room table.

What are your favorite spring activities?

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