5 Fun Valentine’s Day Crafts Your Kids Will Love

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so now is the time to start thinking about fun Valentine’s Day crafts to complete with our children or students!

I’ll be sharing 7 fun (and more importantly EASY) Valentine’s Day crafts, you and your children will surely enjoy doing together!

Baking Valentine’s Goodies

You can easily adapt any of these cookie recipes by simply adding a tiny bit of red food coloring, or Valentine-themed sprinkles to the recipes to make them more festive.

Your children (or students) are sure to have beautiful memories of helping you in the kitchen, and preparing cookies for loved ones. 

You can keep the cookies for your family, or it’s also an easy way to teach your children the true spirit of giving/love by making cookies for neighbors, or perhaps other classrooms/teachers if you are in a classroom setting. I think everyone would agree, that homemade gifts are so wonderful because of the thoughtfulness and time that goes into them.

I also love making Valentine’s Day pancakes with my boys around this time of year. 

These are super easy! Simply add red fruit to the batter (we especially love raspberries!). You could also use jelly or jam.

This activity can easily be adapted into a learning center in the classroom, too, by using an electric pancake griddle.

Making Valentine’s Day Cards

This seems like such an obvious craft, but I have seen students over the years actually make HANDMADE Valentine’s Day cards for EACH of their classmates and write small, personalized notes inside of each card.

The time and thought that go into these cards are so heartwarming.

If your child is not in the classroom just yet (or right now) you could even have them make simple, homemade Valentine’s Day cards for neighbors or other family members. 

If they are also making cookies for others, what better way to present the cookies, than with a homemade card? (Not to mention, your child has the opportunity to practice their writing skills while writing personalized messages)

Head here for lots of cute ideas for puns to include in your homemade Valentine’s Day cards.

Handprint Art

Handprint art is so special, because not only is it handmade, but it also helps us to remember how small our children (and their hands were) at one point in their lives.

When I was in the classroom, I actually had my students complete one piece of handprint art for every season, and then we compiled the art into a book to give to their parents at the end of the year.

It was so special to see them gift their parents something they had worked on over the entire year, and so neat to see how their hands had grown in just 9 months’ time!

Some easy handprint art ideas include;

Love bugs

Heart tree

Swan love

“I love hangin’ with you, monkey” 

Love sign

Of course, you can get as creative with the handprint art as you desire! And, I love having the children also write either personalized notes, or copy a piece of text onto their drawing to practice handwriting/fine motor skills. (Of course, whether it will be a note or a copied phrase, will depend on the age of the children participating.)

Watercolor Resist

Watercolor resists are one of my favorite art projects because they’re SO easy, and you can customize them to any occasion.

For this Valentine’s Day craft, we simply used a white crayon, and pink and purple watercolors.

All you have to do is draw whatever picture you would like with your white crayon, and then paint over the crayon with watercolors so that the picture shows up.

Watercolor paper yields the best results. However, it is fairly pricey, and unless you’re an art teacher hanging these on display for the whole school to see, regular printer paper will work just fine. 

Valentine Slime

I mean, how could I NOT include slime as an option for a fun Valentine’s Day craft? Kids love it!

I’ve included my favorite slime recipe below, and you can make it more appropriate for the season by adding food coloring and/or Valentine-themed beads.

You will need:


Warm water

White glue

All you have to do is pour some glue into a bowl. In a separate, smaller bowl mix together about 1 Tbsp of Borax with some warm water and stir until the Borax is dissolved. Then carefully mix the Borax mixture and mix it together until the slime is a consistency that is to your liking.

You can decorate by adding food coloring to the glue before mixing it with the Borax mixture, or adding in beads, etc. after the slime has been mixed together.

I hope you all enjoy some of these fun, easy Valentine’s Day crafts, and be sure to come back and let me know in the comments section below, which ones your children enjoyed the most!

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