About Rachel

Hi! I’m Rachel! Welcome to my corner of the internet. So glad you’re here.

In 2013, I started working as a gifted education coordinator.

I LOVED working with my students to help challenge and enrich their thinking skills. But, I kept getting questions from their classroom teachers about how they could be supported during the week between my classes.

I started helping the classroom teachers in my building.

I would find and prepare printable resources for a few teachers who asked for some help. That way, my students had activities to do between my sessions with them.

Soon, I was preparing customized resources for each classroom teacher that worked with gifted students in my district.

Together with other support staff, I lead training and provided support so that all teachers felt equipped to challenge their gifted students & fast finishers.

That’s what I am still doing! My enrichment resources have been used in classrooms around the globe. I’m here to support YOU so you can challenge each student without spending hours of your time finding what you need.

Curriculum Designer

I love creating classroom resources that save you time and help you spend your weekends how you choose.